TVI Express – a legitimate, successful and lucrative opportunity for network marketing?


TVI Express, a company that started operations earlier this year, 2009, has created a lot of buzz online and in the home industry. Let's take a closer look at the facts related to this business and travel membership so that you can make an informed decision if this company is for you.

Many times you will not find relevant or good information on the Internet when researching a new company, which is why I want to present facts that will help you in the research process and making decisions about joining TVI Express.

TVI Express (TVI stands for Travel Ventures International) is an international company that is in the pre-release phase in the United States. It is a company that was founded in the United Kingdom, in London. He now has offices in Heathrow and Cypress.

Let's take a look at this business opportunity and the TVI Express travel membership product.

What exactly do you get for purchasing a TVI membership?

TVI membership costs a one-time investment of USD 250 (plus exchange rate differences and handling fees usually around USD 25).

When you purchase a travel membership or TVI position, you receive a lifetime travel membership that you can access in the back room. This membership allows you to book discounted travel such as hotels, resorts, cruises, airline tickets, car rentals and attractions.

TVI guarantees that their rates will be the lowest and will match any lower rate with an additional 10% discount.

2. TVI provides its new members with a bonus travel coupon, with which you can book a 6-night stay at any hotel or resort in their network. The certificate for this coupon can also be found and redeemed in the back room.

3. As a member of TVI, you also get affiliate status and can promote and resell membership. TVI compensates for membership on a revolving matrix plan that pays USD 10,000 in cash and USD 5,000 in travel vouchers that can be used for travel.

TVI achieved an unexpected, rapid growth in the first months of its baby:

1. Three million dollars of live sales in the first month.

2. 320,000 new distributors by October 2009, and the target is only 20,000.

3.5 members who have earned over a million dollars.

4. Rate of over 40,000 new members added every month.

With such unexpected growth, you can imagine and almost expect growing pain for a brand new company. TVI experienced a solid month of intermittent site downtime in October.

Customer service was accompanied by an increasing number of transfers and bonus vouchers for processing. These problems caused many members to worry about the company's survival.

TVI has dedicated its time and effort to resolving many of these problems by:

1. Employment of 1,000 new customer service representatives to support growth.

2. Update server technology to support increased page load.

3. I stopped receiving intensive, direct, direct transfers to process coupon purchases by TVI leaders around the world. Forced members to purchase coupons using Liberty Reserve or SolidTrustPay accounts.

4. Automated process of redeeming travel vouchers.

5. TVI has entered into a new partnership agreement with WTB (World Travel Bureau) to withdraw from the travel booking system.

Some other facts about TVI Express include:

1. Partnership with RCI – one of the largest timesharing companies in the world.

2. Partnerships with other international travel companies such as Hilton, Virgin Airlines

3. TVI Express is verified by the Trust Guard and is supported by World Choice Travel.

4. Entry in the Google company directory for TVI Express