TVI Express Review – The most important TVI Express review you have ever read


Let's get to the facts first. TVI Express is a Multi Level Marketing company operating on the market, which offers membership in tourist clubs where people can save on almost all aspects of travel. They also offer a free 6 and 7 night package for anyone joining the club. Before we get into more detailed information about the company, I want to explain that I am not a representative. and I'm not associated with them anymore. In 2009 I was a TVI representative and I offer a unique look at the interior of the company. I have been involved in full-time network marketing for over 4 years and I have been successful in many companies, so I understand what it takes and how a real entrepreneur must approach network marketing.

The compensation plan with TVI Express is based on the so-called cyclic matrix filled with 2×3 force. There are many nuances associated with this type of compensation plan, which I do not want to discuss in detail now, but the basics are: Someone joins for $ 250. They fill out 2 matrices and earn $ 10,000. All you have to do to qualify is to recruit 2 people and you will be able to do it many times. On the surface it seems quite easy, and for a beginner it looks easy. I have no problem with this type of compensation plan, but the way it is sometimes presented by TVI representatives is not entirely accurate. They will definitely tell you that you only need 2 reps and you're ready. In fact, this type of compensation plan can be VERY lucrative for people who can recruit HUGE reps themselves, but you will need more than 2 personal recruits.

TVI Express had legal problems in both China and Australia. Many of the best representatives in China have been arrested for fraud and the company can no longer operate in Australia. As a US citizen who does not create any legal recruitment problems, BUT it will cause people to pay attention to this. The internet has made information easily accessible, and potential recruits and clients can easily find information on Australian and Chinese legal issues that may deter them from doing business with you as a TVI representative.

The key to the company's development and significant income in TVI Express is the approach to it as an entrepreneur, not just a sales representative. I can't stress it enough. MLM companies come and go, but your company, YOU Inc., doesn't change. No matter what network marketing or MLM company you decide to join to succeed, you need to build your value as a leader in your company and industry, learning the advertising and marketing skills that you can pass on to your team. This is the number one skill that every network marketing distributor MUST learn to be able to consistently register new distributors and build a large organization in this field with TVI Express or another company.