TVI Express – the best offer for getting rich quick?


In today's world of job loss and high unemployment, literally millions of people search the Internet every day trying to find a way to make money. From home-working companies to MLM companies, franchises, direct selling opportunities and, inevitably, quick enrichment. One of the problems we face is how do we sort thousands of options and how do we distinguish right from wrong? The good news about the internet is that it allows us to instantly test with a single mouse click. The bad news is that anyone can put everything good and bad on the internet with a single mouse click.

So let me set the stage. In our Google search engine we find a link with the information: "Invest only 250 USD at a time and collect income of 10,000 USD from month to month." Do we click this link? I am not sure if there was any research on the percentage of people who clicked on such links, but my educated guess would bring them closer to 100%! The question I would ask is: why are we looking at? We all understand that there is no such thing as something for nothing, right? Or maybe society has been brainwashed thanks to stories of lottery winners and instant millionaires on TV programs that may, perhaps, be a chance for getting rich quickly.

Is there such a thing as "a legitimate opportunity to get rich quickly"? After the old money pyramids were banned a few years ago, some of them were enriched with "product offers" that tried to legalize them again. Regulators have moved in and specified in more detail what they think was justified or not. The general rule that has arisen is that at least 50% of any MLM's revenue must come from actual product sales. But every now and then a company appears that seems to question the authorities. One of these companies is TVI Express.

TVI Express (Travel Ventures International) operates in the tourism industry. It is a service industry, which is the largest industry segment in the world, is truly global and has sales worth 7 trillion dollars. It is an industry that has been revolutionized via the Internet, and over 80% of all sales are done online. Anyone recently seen a travel agency? Several companies have entered this space with the MLM concept, but none of them resembles TVI Express.

The TVI Express business model is based solely on building a large organization and rewarding its independent representatives. The registration fee is around USD 275, and the model only requires "recruiting two who recruit two". To this end, a compensation plan is reported to recover the original investment "in a few weeks" and then start regularly paying out $ 10,000 "after 30-90 days" as you go through the system and people join under you. I believe that there is enough solid evidence on the Internet that proves that these claims are true and that some people have received these payments.

The remuneration plan does not mention commissions for the sale of products, which for many people is a red flag, taking into account the previously mentioned history with the authorities (in the USA). But TVI Express is not an American company and apparently has its headquarters in Great Britain. This seems to raise doubts because no one is available by phone number published on their website. They process all their transactions through an international exchange account and have banking services on the island of Cyprus in Greece. No credit cards. It is also not quite clear who owns TVI and the name of their management team is nowhere to be found.

Having said that, TVI Express seems to have a very sophisticated opportunity to get rich quickly. He is still in his infancy, he first began in India and China in early 2009, and arrived in the United States just a few months ago. Since it will not be easy for any authority to deal with the issue of TVI legality, we can expect that they will have enough time to continue operating. Web presentations are professional and travel history is sexy. They also seem to have amazing bonus opportunities for those who build large organizations. How about winning a luxury car? Then you can advance to win beautiful villas in your dream locations, and add a luxury yacht or private jet!

Are these fantasies or reality? After studying the compensation plan and if the owners are not greedy, TVI Express will be able to afford such rewards. Their global presence will also drive their expansion when they start publishing some of their successes and people chase their dreams. Is this something you should get involved with? It's up to you to decide, but if you can afford the risk of $ 275 for a chance to live like a millionaire, why not? After all, most people spend more on lottery and coffee at Starbucks every year!