Top 5 American Express credit cards in Singapore


American Express is one of the largest credit card publishers in the world. The company offers cards that are tailored to the needs of all types of customers, but above all meet the needs of people with high net worth. Currently, over 100 million people around the world use cards issued by this international finance company. American Express has a very strong position in most Asian countries, including Singapore. It offers a number of credit cards that are very popular with the inhabitants of this island country.

The 5 best American Express credit cards offered in Singapore are:

1. True Cash Back Card – This card has been designed to help people save more money when they use the card for their daily expenses. The percentage of the amount spent with the card will be refunded to cardholders & # 39; account as a cash refund and can therefore save money. Cardholders will have to pay slightly more than $ 170 as an annual card fee, and may also opt for additional cards for their loved ones to share the benefits offered by this card.

2. American Express Platinum Card – As the name implies, this credit card has features designed for people with the highest lifestyles and can offer them the benefits of playing golf, eating and traveling. Due to worldwide acceptance, this card can be used in sales outlets around the world. The annual charge for a charged card is relatively high, so it may not be ideal for those looking for a card with a low annual fee or other fees.

3. American Express Rewards Card – This is the perfect American Express credit card for those who want to earn bonus points every time they use their card for any transaction. Bonus points can be redeemed easily on the American Express Singapore website. Cardholders are offered higher bonus points when they use the card at some selected Singapore retail outlets. Only people 21 years of age and older can apply for this card, which has a low annual fee of around 50 USD.

4. American Express Platinum reserve card – this is an ideal card for those who want to earn higher bonus points for all their purchases. Maybe cardholders can earn up to 50,000 points within the first 6 months of receiving the card by spending a certain amount of money. It is also very good for those who often eat out because they offer them discounts and other privileges at some of the best restaurants in the country. This involves a high annual fee of over 500 S $.

5. American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Gold Card – This American Express credit card has been designed for those who regularly travel through Singapore Airlines because they can enjoy discounts on airline tickets and a number of other travel benefits. For every dollar spent with the card, cardholders collect airline miles and the accumulated airline miles can then be exchanged for hotel reservations, flight reservations and other travel-related benefits. Only people with high creditworthiness can apply for this card.