A guide to traveling by train in India


The Indian Railways network is the fourth largest in the world, alongside the US, Russia and China networks. Every day, Indian railways run over 10,000 trains carrying 30 million passengers and 3 million tons of cargo. 1.5 million employees manage and manage this railway system on the geographical diversity of the Indian subcontinent.

Trains in India are divided into 9 types, namely. Duronto, Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Gareeb Rath, Jan Shatabdi, Superfast, Express, passenger and suburban trains. The train timetable depends on the type of train and whether it is an express or super fast train. For example, Duronto and Rajdhani trains are high-speed trains with fewer stops compared to express trains, which are slower and have many stops on the route.

The Indian Railways official site has been designed to provide up-to-date information on train timetables and the availability of rail seats to allow the user to book tickets with maximum convenience.

How to use the official IRCTC website to check availability

• Create a user profile on the website http://www.irctc.co.in.
• Log in with the registered username and password.
• Enter shortcuts for arrival and departure stations from the drop-down menu.
• Select the travel date, limit and ticket type from the menu.
• Check the availability of seats in relation to the selected train.
• If there is express availability, enter passenger details and payment details to book your ticket.
• For tickets with a waiting list, the screen displays the total number of reserved tickets with a waiting list in relation to the number of confirmed tickets.
• For a ticket booked in a category with a waiting list, note the PNR number to track the confirmation status.
• Tickets with waiting lists transfer in the status of Booking before cancellation (RAC) before confirmation.
• It is possible to check the PNR status by phone or via mobile applications.
• In the event that the ticket from the waiting list is not confirmed, you can cancel the booking on the website up to 4 hours before the train leaves from the train departure station.

In the event of a ticket being canceled, cancellation fees will apply.

• The ticket price minus the applicable cancellation fees are returned to the payment account within a specified time of execution.
• One user can reserve up to 6 tickets at a time.
• Delivery fees apply to ticket I.
• Screenshot of electronic ticket on laptop, iPad or mobile phone is allowed instead of printed ticket.