Get an exciting trip to Jakarta with excellent car rental services


Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is one of the most sought after destinations for tourists from around the world. It has 13,000 islands that bring it closer to nature and attract many people to it.

When you get to Jakarta, the first thing you need is to properly organize travel to work from one place to another. Car rental in Jakarta is the highest requirement. Car services are provided by private companies in Jakarta. Therefore, there may be differences in packages. But you can know and compare packages using various online resources and choose accordingly. You must pay the minimum amount at the time of registration.

The main companies that offer a car rental package in Jakarta are:

Silver bird: Silver Bird taxis are run by the Blue Bird Group. Silver Bird's offer includes rental cars that are known for their features, i.e. black and stylish. Currently, this brand has 1,200 vehicles and has many desirable features, such as spacious interiors and plenty of legroom. Global positioning equipment is built into every car. Travelers are also provided with the Electronic Data Collection (EDC) function. Has well-trained drivers who can communicate in English and Bahasa.

Blue Bird Taxi: These rental cars are also offered by the Blue Bird group. They offer rental cars in blue with all amenities required by tourists. The amenities provided are identical to those in Silver Bird.

Express Taxi: Express Taxi provides a number of car rental packages in Jakarta. Offers brands such as Eagle High Express, Tiara Express, Limousine Express, Eagle High and Eagle Taxi. Under Regular High you can get regular taxi services. It consists of 10,000 taxi fleets that can be easily booked through 24-hour call centers. Features on cars include a DDS machine, light blue driver uniform, logo and cash payment or BCA Flazz. Taira Experess is a premium package from this brand and is ideal if you need luxurious sadness. This package has a limited number of cars. Express Limousine is another luxury car that really meets your needs and expectations. Some of the limousines available are Toyota Alphard, Toyota Vellfire, Toyota Camry, Toyota Avenza, Mercedes ML, Mercedes Benz E Class and more. Eagle High is a large bus with various seating areas. Eagle Taxi is a new brand of the Express Group, also offering luxury travel.

Kumala car rental: PT Kumala Tritunggal Perkasa manages Kumala car rental and has 10 years of experience in providing safe and reliable car rental services in Jakarta. Some of the cars offered by her are Toyota Innova, Toyota Avenze, Toyota Serena and others. Specializes in renting a young fleet of Toyta Kijang Innova. Tourists can enjoy full comfort in these cars.

Car rental Jakarta Airport: This is undoubtedly a great car rental package in Jakarta for tourists coming from abroad. Tourists can rent it directly from the airport, and tourists can start their journey to Jakarta.

Tarif Bawah: The cars under the "Tarif Bawah" sticker are perfect for people who want the lowest price vehicles. The meaning of this sticker is that the rented car charges the lowest government approved fee. Cars run on the meter, and drivers cannot charge prices above the meter.

The above-mentioned car rental services in Jakarta will surely be helpful so that your trip is a pleasant and unforgettable one. You can find out about the above mentioned packages from several online resources.