TVI Express Review – Is TVI Express another Night MLM Company flight or TVI Legit?


If you've recently searched for new MLM companies or business opportunities at home, you've probably come across the TVI Express opportunity. TVI Express is a fairly new company, but has recently gained immense popularity in network marketing and MLM circles. I'm going to do a noise separation of facts from this review, so you can decide whether the weather will be or not. TVI Express will instantly seize the opportunity or a company that will be able to maintain its current success and popularity.

Is TVI Express a pyramid program? I thought I would start by starting a review because I know this is one of the main questions that arise in many minds.

First, let's define what a "pyramid" is. The pyramid is a business model that involves recruiting people to the so-called Opportunity to sell and exchange money without providing a product or service.

The service provided by TVI Express is access to dynamic travel membership. Membership owners can book flights, vehicles, hotels and flights at discounted prices. Members also get a 6-day 7-day vacation to their chosen destination, which includes a free return flight for one when they join. Therefore, from this point of view, I can safely say that this is neither a pyramid program nor a program of monetary gifts.

About company TVI Express is a British company that operates worldwide in Europe and Asia, and has recently been introduced to the USA and Canada. In the first six months it has grown to almost 200,000 members, which is unheard of in the mlm industry.

Business opportunity To join TVI and start a business, you need to send a payment of USD 250, in fact the costs will be close to USD 300, if you are in the USA due to a credit card and fees for bank transfer and exchange rates. After sending the payment, you will receive an official website with facilities to run and organize your business. There, you'll find access to the travel members page and you can access your free vacation. There are no monthly fees associated with the company, which is a definite plus and practically makes the business opportunity a risk-free venture, in the worst case you decide that the company is not for you and you leave, paying $ 300 for a 7-day vacation with a free return flight .

A business opportunity is built around you, recruiting 2 people to a company that does it. When you become a TVI distributor, you will be put on a traveler's board. After leaving the board you will receive $ 500, $ 250 in cash and $ 250 in eVoucher. Then you will be placed on the Express board and after exiting the Express board you will receive 10,000 USD in cash and 5,000 USD in eVoucher. When you jump off the Express board, you will be placed on another Express board and the process will be repeated.

My opinion When I first heard about TVI Express, I really didn't pay attention to it, because as a network marketer I hear about new companies and so-called Pre-launch capabilities. When the company began to grow, I took a closer look. Their business model is different from any other company I've seen in the industry, which is good and bad. This has the advantage of making them unique among all other possibilities, but when a company has such a different business structure, it can be met with skepticism. Ultimately, I think TVI Express will do very well because of its revolutionary compensation plan, and because it revolves around every distributor who only needs to recruit 2 people, I anticipate that many people will succeed in this business, even without previous marketing experience.

For more information on their options and how to use the compensation plan, see the resources section below.