Is TVI Express a legitimate, solid opportunity to do business at home?


TVI Express is a completely new international company that started operating in January this year. Has two offices, one in Heathrow in the UK and one in Cypress, India.

Why should you consider using TVI Express?

1. To include a lower cost option in the home business portfolio for those potential customers who cannot afford the high direct selling price.

2. To provide budding entrepreneurs with the cornerstone to raise the capital they need to buy to get a high chance of direct sales.

3. To finance advertising related to the basic business offer at home.

TVI requires a one-time investment of USD 250. You will never pay again. Thanks to this purchase, you become a lifetime member of a private travel club where you can book travel at a discount. You also become an affiliate of the company and you can earn from resale membership.

As a bonus for membership, the company provides a bonus for a 6-day, 7-day stay at any resort or hotel in its network.

TVI pays its members when you sell two memberships yourself and for helping those two members. You enter the so-called Travelers Board and you can recover USD 250 from the commission and another USD 250 from travel coupons after leaving the Travelers Board.

Leaving the Traveler Board, you enter the Express Board and you can earn $ 15,000. Ten thousand of this commission is in the form of instant cash in your e-back office wallet. You can access this commission in your office and transfer it to your account. The $ 5,000 commission is in the form of a travel coupon that I can spend on travel.

Many believe that TVI is an easy and unhampered opportunity for business because of the value acquired by purchasing membership. Others, especially Americans, don't like the fact that TVI is international and not based in the US.

I warn you to research teams and join a team that will help you successfully promote membership. Some teams move much faster than others. Many band members found themselves in boards that are stuck and do not get promoted.

Look for a team that recruited experienced salespeople. I'm talking about the highest paid earners with their previous options. By employing experienced marketers, they can help support completely new marketers trying the TVI business as their first home business experience.

Also look for leaders who are helping their downline by passing new members. This kind of team support means that the boards move very quickly.

Look for team marketing systems and team training and support. All these factors will be crucial for your success at TVI Express.