Five reasons to share your travel plans


Private detectives always think about security. This is a large part of the work, and our awareness must always take safety into account. For this reason, I recommend that if you are going on a trip, you share the details of your trip with someone who is not riding, and here are five reasons.

1. Your home is safer.

When you are away and a friend or friend knows about it, that person can check your home, take the newspaper so that the house does not look empty, and even turn on the porch light just before returning. In fact, you might consider installing meters on lamps that will turn on and off lamps around the house at different intervals so that the house still looks inhabited. You can keep the newspaper, but a friendly person cannot replace you.

2. You are safer.

If your friends or family know your itinerary and you have arranged a phone call, they will know if you have not arrived at your destination within a reasonable time. For the same reason, if you don't get home within the specified time, worried friends and family members will try to contact you. If your car broke down in a place with no traffic and a dead cell phone, then a person who knows when you should be home could use.

3. Reduces stress.

Nobody wants a person to worry so much about their every move that they look more like busy bodies than friendly helpers. But having a person who knows your plans can save a lot of stress. Let's say, for example, that after leaving you decide to moderate your trip. Notifying someone at home can save you from stress and unnecessary reporting of missing persons.

4. Social media stories.

Fun is an important reason to do many things, and if you are a person who likes to engage friends in life, a travel chronicle on social media can be fun. Some people have made a career thanks to travel blogs, so why not stretch and show your friends photos while traveling? You will appreciate it and you will feel as if you were on vacation together.

One word of warning. Share your trip on social media, but not necessarily your plans in advance, at least not in the smallest details. There are stalkers around the world looking for an easy destination, so instead of giving you the exact address in Barcelona, ​​you can simply tell your friends that you'll stay in Barcelona. You want one person to have your address in case you need to be contacted or you are notified on the way to your destination.

5. Pickup may be needed.

Don't forget that you can just blow up and pick up from the airport. Sharing your travel plans with a trusted friend well in advance of your journey may remind you of previous arrangements.

These are my reasons to encourage people to share travel plans with a trusted friend or two. Calm is a valuable commodity, especially when traveling.