London Stansted airport guide


The airport is owned and operated by Manchester Airport Group and is the main base for all low cost airlines in Europe. The airport serves over 100 destinations and is the main base for low-cost airlines Ryanair. The airport has one passenger terminal that has all the basic amenities, great shopping and a wide range of restaurants and cafes. The terminal building consists of three parts: arrivals, departures and check-in. The airport building is the newest building of its kind in the country, and its unique features include air traffic control, which is one of the tallest in the UK, and three satellite buildings that replace the main building's door.

Hotels at the STN airport

The Radisson Blu Hotel is just a two-minute walk from the main terminal building via the covered walkway. The hotel is the most preferred location because it is very convenient for travelers arriving and departing from the airport.

Hotels close to the STN airport

There are over 16 hotels near Stansted, and the choice depends on your needs and budget. Some star hotels near the airport include Holiday Inn Express, Premier Inn Stansted, Desalis Hotel, and Remarc Guest House. Cheaper hotels close to the airport are Stansted Airport Lodge, Willows Guest House and White Hall and Cock Inn

STN Airport Hotels with Parking

The Premier Inn is closest to Stansted with parking for a longer stay. A free shuttle service can also be used from the airport to the hotel. Holiday Inn Express offers mid-stay parking and costs £ 3 for transfer from the airport to the hotel.

Restaurants at the STN airport

If you want to relax before a long journey, Stansted offers a wide range of meals, drinks and relaxation. From small cafes to gourmet restaurants – you don't have to look any further. Some of the popular restaurants and cafes at the airport include Burger King, Costa, Escape Lounge, The Illustrious and Cafe Balzar.

Shops in STN

The Stansted building is a real paradise for shopping lovers. From the best fashion brands to book stalls – there's everything you need at the airport. The MoneyCorp counter at the airport offers currency exchange services at reasonable prices. WHSmith and Dixons Travel fall on souvenirs and necessary travel items. If you're a technician, you have Spectrum Interactive to explore further. The Duty Free Store in Stansted offers attractive offers of fashionable accessories, clothing, fragrances, wine, alcohol and tobacco.

Car parking at the STN airport

The airport offers various parking options, such as Short Stay, Long Stay, Mid Stay and Meet & Greet services. All parking options can be booked 2 hours before arrival at the airport.

Parking for short stays: This option is best suited for shorter airport stays. It is suitable for people who come to drop off or pick up friends and family from the airport. This car park is just a 3-minute walk from the terminal.

Long-term parking: Long-term parking is suitable for guests traveling for more than a week. The car park is 10 minutes from the terminal building and is connected by a regular bus.

Mid-stay parking: this is the most commonly used option for business travelers to get away from the country for a day or two on a regular basis. This car park is located 5 minutes from the main terminal building and also connected by bus every 10 minutes.

Meet and say hello: Traveling with too much luggage? Why worry when Stansted Airport lets you leave your keys while the chauffeurs park your car securely.

From Stansted Airport to Victoria Station

Victoria station is located about 3 km from Stansted Airport. Regular buses run daily from the airport to Victoria Station. Passengers looking for a quick transfer can use the Stansted Express to reach Liverpool station, from where they hire a taxi to Victoria station. Taxis outside the terminal building can also connect you directly to the station.

Stansted airport to Heathrow

Wondering how to get from Heathrow to Stansted? Passengers can travel between two airports by one of the following means: National Express Coach, taxis or pre-booked minicabs. While these services connect airports directly, passengers can also choose a train or subway to connect through central London.

Trains to Stansted Airport

The Stansted Express runs every 15 minutes and connects to Liverpool Station in central London. The journey time is about 45 minutes. Trains leave from Stansted Airport station, which is located directly under the terminal building. London Underground connections are also available on Liverpool Street and Tottenham Hale (Stansted Express Line).

Bus to Stansted

The Stansted bus and coach station is opposite the terminal building. Buses and coaches are frequent and can easily reach different parts of the city. Tickets for these services can be purchased in the arrivals hall.