China Travel became possible thanks to the visa

Detailed information on visa requirements in China is available online. They provide instructions on what is required to apply and obtain a Chinese visa.

Passports: You must have a valid passport to visit China. Your passport must have blank visa pages as well as a Chinese visa. Your passport must be at least six months before it expires. Business and student passports must be at least 12 months before their expiration date.

Type of visa: The most common Chinese visa is the L visa. Tourists receive an L visa when visiting China for sightseeing tours. Business visas require invitation letters from a Chinese or state-owned company or government agency. Tourists who want to travel to parts of China that are not open to bystanders must apply for a travel visa on arrival in China.

Forms: Declaration forms and L visa forms are available online. These forms can be printed and completed prior to making an appointment at a Chinese embassy or consulate. China now requires a declaration form. This form is also available online and must accompany the visa application.

Photos: China will accept black and white and color photos, two inches by two inches with the application. These photos must be current and must be attached to the visa application.

Fees: China has a fixed fee for visa applications. Direct debit, cash or bank transfer in the amount of USD 130 should be taken to the meeting.

Accelerated: The Chinese visa acceleration service is operated by a travel agent's forwarder. These people charge a fee for their services. These fees start from $ 40 and increase from there.

Additional requirements: To process your visa application, you must verify your round-trip tickets, motel reservations and check the application and declaration forms. You must provide your own prepaid postal envelope. The Chinese government declares that Express Mail, UPS and FedEx are companies that they prefer to use when returning documents. Most importantly, you must attach a cover letter requesting a visa, which is included in the prepaid return envelope and contains your name, address and telephone numbers.

If you notice that you have problems with your Chinese visa, you can call the embassy or consulate. They will be happy to help.