On Heathrow


London Heathrow is the most famous airport in the UK. Below is a brief description of what the largest airport on the continent offers to travelers.

Heathrow is located in London's Hillingdon district, about 30 miles from central London. The airport is the largest and busiest airport in the country. About 70 million passengers use the airport every year. It serves almost all international destinations and all airlines visiting this country. The airport is also very advanced with modern functions and well-renovated terminals. There are 5 passenger terminals, one freight terminal and 2 runways at the airport. The airport was opened in 1929 and served as a military base during World Wars. Initially, it was called London Airport, and later Heathrow. The airport is owned by Heathrow Airport Holdings.

All five terminals are passenger-friendly and serve travelers with great hospitality. Each terminal has the necessary amenities such as information counters, currency exchange kiosks, shops, restaurants, payphones, wireless internet, luggage storage and taxi ranks. Terminal 5 is the newest and largest free-standing terminal in the country. The terminal was opened in 2008. Terminals 3 and 4 were renovated in 2009, and terminal 2 is currently under renovation. The project is expected to be completed by 2014. The airport's management is also planning a third escape so that the airport can cope with heavy passenger traffic. Free trains and buses are available for navigation between terminals.

To travel between the airport and the city, passengers can rent a private taxi or use public transport. Taxis are available directly in front of each terminal. London buses, trains and the underground can be reached within a short walk of the airport. In addition, buses such as the National Express Coach, The Heathrow Express and The Heathrow Connect run frequently between the airport and the city. The problem with public transport is that they are less frequent or absent late in the day. In these cases, passengers prefer to use private licensed taxis. While passengers can use the airport lounges for short transit times, for longer flights they can use first class hotels near the airport. The Hilton Hotel is closest to the airport and offers direct access to Terminal 4. Other hotels near the airport include Thistle London, Sheraton, The Sofitel, The Arora Hotel, Holiday Inn, Park Inn and Raddison Blu.