The Amero vs. Euro


I was queuing at my local American Express Travel office, waiting to exchange my US dollars for that damn euro. As if I wasn't crazy enough anymore because I know that as soon as I'm done with my little green friends, I'm losing money. Ugh, it sucks, I speak to an American Express representative when he tells me about the exchange rate. Then you don't know where the casual guy next to me says, "You think it sucks, wait until you replace Amero! Amero? What the hell is Amero? " I asked. He preceded wandering the United States, Canada and Mexico, joining forces to become a North American Union, obviously modeling on the European Union. I thought he was the smartest guy in the world or crazy madman. So I did research and found that Amero is now a conspiracy theory with some possible truths.

Opinions about Amero are very widespread, and the topic itself is very controversial. Some believe that if the three nations adopted Amero, they would be able to eliminate the threat of other regional currencies (the euro and possible Asian and / or African currencies) and ensure the stability of the local currency. It is also believed that our dollar would strengthen against other currencies in the world. Some say that the US, Canada and Mexico would adopt a similar policy of open borders as in the EU. However, others believe that Mexican pesos will pull down the US and Canadian dollars, and Amero would be worse off than the current US dollar. And since the US is currently building a wall between the US and Mexico, it seems that borders will not have such an open border policy.