A guide to traveling by train in India

The Indian Railways network is the fourth largest in the world, alongside the US, Russia and China networks. Every day, Indian railways run over 10,000 trains carrying 30 million passengers and 3 million tons of cargo. 1.5 million employees manage and manage this railway system on the geographical diversity of the Indian subcontinent.

Trains in India are divided into 9 types, namely. Duronto, Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Gareeb Rath, Jan Shatabdi, Superfast, Express, passenger and suburban trains. The train timetable depends on the type of train and whether it is an express or super fast train. For example, Duronto and Rajdhani trains are high-speed trains with fewer stops compared to express trains, which are slower and have many stops on the route.

The Indian Railways official site has been designed to provide up-to-date information on train timetables and the availability of rail seats to allow the user to book tickets with maximum convenience.

How to use the official IRCTC website to check availability

• Create a user profile on the website http://www.irctc.co.in.
• Log in with the registered username and password.
• Enter shortcuts for arrival and departure stations from the drop-down menu.
• Select the travel date, limit and ticket type from the menu.
• Check the availability of seats in relation to the selected train.
• If there is express availability, enter passenger details and payment details to book your ticket.
• For tickets with a waiting list, the screen displays the total number of reserved tickets with a waiting list in relation to the number of confirmed tickets.
• For a ticket booked in a category with a waiting list, note the PNR number to track the confirmation status.
• Tickets with waiting lists transfer in the status of Booking before cancellation (RAC) before confirmation.
• It is possible to check the PNR status by phone or via mobile applications.
• In the event that the ticket from the waiting list is not confirmed, you can cancel the booking on the website up to 4 hours before the train leaves from the train departure station.

In the event of a ticket being canceled, cancellation fees will apply.

• The ticket price minus the applicable cancellation fees are returned to the payment account within a specified time of execution.
• One user can reserve up to 6 tickets at a time.
• Delivery fees apply to ticket I.
• Screenshot of electronic ticket on laptop, iPad or mobile phone is allowed instead of printed ticket.

Humble Beginnings of Gatwick Express: A History

Regarding the history of Gatwick Express, one can look back in time at the initial operations of Gatwick Airport in 1958. Initially, it was common that trains from London going to Brighton stopped at a station at Gatwick Airport, which always followed the timetable set at that time. This was due to this and the massive extension of rail services that ran between Bongor Riges to Three Bridges, which resulted in the development of Gatwick Express. As a result, while these trains would stop at Gatwick Airport before eventually freeing up at Victoria Station in London, as time passed and the multiplication of passenger and baggage loads, British Rail pledged to double the original threshold of systems in the seventies. However, it was only later that they realized that with the growing need for much faster rail transport, such frequent delays in rail transport are simply unacceptable; something had to be changed!

As a solution to the rail network problem at Gatwick, British Rail, British Coledonian Airways and the British Airports Authority formed a group whose main interest is the modernization of the entire Gatwick station so that it can manage the impact of the new "high speed trains. The main goal common to this group was to provide a fast train between London and Gatwick airports. This was crucial because it would make rail services much more efficient in terms of time, cost-effectiveness and also much more beneficial for passengers. In summary, until 1984, it was officially announced that the first uninterrupted high-speed train service operated by Gatwick Express was set up between Gatwick Airport and Victoria Station in London. It was amazing when it was announced that the entire journey took only 30 minutes and the delay time was unbelievably short – a maximum of 5 minutes. While the number was reported to be closer to 35-40 minutes at peak times, this drastic change in rail quality and speed has led to huge success for Gatwick Express. Soon people began to understand that the Gatwick was now a much more practical method of transport.

Since Gatwick Express was formerly a branch of the British Railways, it was renovated as a complete individual train service. When it was decided that the service could be transferred to a private company, the service was finally transferred to the Nation Express group, and since April 1996 has been running its own private service.

Today, the Gatwick Express operates as a non-stop express train from London Gatwick Station to Victoria Station serving passengers arriving at or from the North Terminal, the daily available means of transport in the heart of the city.

Choosing a Credit Card Travel Rewards

I travel a lot and when I can, I like to share all the benefits that my experience can offer.

It is no wonder then that my daughter asked for advice on behalf of a friend, which credit card is best suited for winning travel awards. This question, however, was not the one I had been thinking about for a long time.

There are many bonus programs to choose from. I am not an expert on them. I mainly use two programs offered by American Express and Chase, but they are not necessarily the best. They will not always be suitable and even available to everyone. Although I'm happy with the two programs I use, I dig a bit to see what will be around if I started from scratch today.

The main card I use for travel pay is the American Express Optima credit card. An important note about the distinction between credit cards and charge cards: A credit card does not have to be paid in full every month. I pay the card completely and strongly recommend it, even if it is not required. Interest charges on credit cards are extremely expensive and may particularly apply to reward cards. If you ultimately pay large interest and fees, this can significantly reduce the benefits of travel rewards.

The advantage of the Optima card is that there is no annual fee, but it earns rewards. The bad thing about the Optima card is that American Express stopped offering it to new customers in 2009. Unless a targeted offer is sent, it cannot be submitted.

For the American Express option without an annual fee that earns travel rewards, the Blue Sky card received positive online reviews and an oral opinion. For every 7,500 points you earn, you'll receive a $ 100 credit, which you can use to cover any travel costs you book as you like. The disadvantage of American Express is that cards are not accepted wherever Visa and MasterCard are taken. On the other hand, if you already have a debit card secured by Visa or MasterCard (or one of their credit cards), you probably get along well, using it to cover cases where you can't use an American Express card. If I were looking for a new travel rewards card today, I'd probably explore the Blue Sky.

In my research I also came across the Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard and the CapitalOne VentureOne Rewards card (Visa offer). In the past I wore the CapitalOne card with the rewards program I used frequently. The card added a fee I didn't want to pay, and I had other issues with the CapitalOne service, so I dropped the card. However, I would not rule out CapitalOne as an option, especially because VentureOne rewards do not have an annual fee.

I don't have personal experience with Barclays products, but it's also worth exploring the Barclaycard MasterCard. The card offers a relatively high reward rate and appears to be highly flexible. However, it has an annual fee of 89 USD. Although the fee is lifted in the first year, everything else is equal, I would stay away from cards with an annual fee.

That said, I pay an annual fee of USD 29 for the travel rewards program on my Visa Chase card. I have a Chase card for a long time and it has a large credit limit. I also use it when making large purchases for my company, so I tend to score a significant number of points on a small number of transactions. I do not know whether a personal user applying for today would receive an equally good offer or the same value. The Chase program is a bit more cumbersome to use because the trip must be booked via Chase (online or by phone), and in my experience not all flights are available. Although I use a Chase card, it probably won't be my first recommendation for someone looking for a new travel rewards card.

If you use almost only one airline or hotel chain, almost all major carriers offer proprietary cards that offer various bonuses. For example, Delta Skymiles American Express allows you to lift the fee for the first checkered bag. Starwood American Express gives you automatic gold status in your hotel rewards program if you spend $ 30,000 a year, and lets you convert your hotel points into airline miles with several major carriers. However, closing yourself in at one of the major travel service providers may not be effective if you change routes or if you want to travel somewhere, a travel partner from your card cannot take you. Although you can earn miles a bit faster, you devote flexibility to it.

Just like choosing any credit card, you'll probably get a better deal and you'll have more options if you have good credit. Don't be tempted to simply grab the card with the highest registration bonus. Note the annual fee levels, APR, low minimum expenses before you qualify for rewards, restrictions on how you book your trip and which trip you can book, and other "fine print" details. If you're planning to travel abroad, it's also worth comparing the & # 39; foreign currency conversion fees. The card that's right for you ultimately depends on your personal habits and travel needs.

If you do your homework and have the discipline not to dig into the hole paying high interest on the transferred balance, a credit card with travel rewards can be a great way to cover travel costs. And reducing travel costs is a great way to make it a little more comfortable.

Top 5 American Express credit cards in Singapore

American Express is one of the largest credit card publishers in the world. The company offers cards that are tailored to the needs of all types of customers, but above all meet the needs of people with high net worth. Currently, over 100 million people around the world use cards issued by this international finance company. American Express has a very strong position in most Asian countries, including Singapore. It offers a number of credit cards that are very popular with the inhabitants of this island country.

The 5 best American Express credit cards offered in Singapore are:

1. True Cash Back Card – This card has been designed to help people save more money when they use the card for their daily expenses. The percentage of the amount spent with the card will be refunded to cardholders & # 39; account as a cash refund and can therefore save money. Cardholders will have to pay slightly more than $ 170 as an annual card fee, and may also opt for additional cards for their loved ones to share the benefits offered by this card.

2. American Express Platinum Card – As the name implies, this credit card has features designed for people with the highest lifestyles and can offer them the benefits of playing golf, eating and traveling. Due to worldwide acceptance, this card can be used in sales outlets around the world. The annual charge for a charged card is relatively high, so it may not be ideal for those looking for a card with a low annual fee or other fees.

3. American Express Rewards Card – This is the perfect American Express credit card for those who want to earn bonus points every time they use their card for any transaction. Bonus points can be redeemed easily on the American Express Singapore website. Cardholders are offered higher bonus points when they use the card at some selected Singapore retail outlets. Only people 21 years of age and older can apply for this card, which has a low annual fee of around 50 USD.

4. American Express Platinum reserve card – this is an ideal card for those who want to earn higher bonus points for all their purchases. Maybe cardholders can earn up to 50,000 points within the first 6 months of receiving the card by spending a certain amount of money. It is also very good for those who often eat out because they offer them discounts and other privileges at some of the best restaurants in the country. This involves a high annual fee of over 500 S $.

5. American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Gold Card – This American Express credit card has been designed for those who regularly travel through Singapore Airlines because they can enjoy discounts on airline tickets and a number of other travel benefits. For every dollar spent with the card, cardholders collect airline miles and the accumulated airline miles can then be exchanged for hotel reservations, flight reservations and other travel-related benefits. Only people with high creditworthiness can apply for this card.

Tracing paper to Mumbai in Paschim Express

The Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Corporation offers 2 trains between the Kalka train station in Haryana and the Mumbai Bandra Terminus station; Paschim Express and Kerala Sampark Kranti Express. Kerala Sampark Kranti Express runs only once a week on Wednesday, where Paschim Express operates every day. The journey by the Paschim express train No. 2926A takes about 29 hours, starting from Kalki, Haryan at 10:20 IST and covering a distance of almost 1676 kilometers and reaching Mumbai at 15:15 IST on day 2. The pantry serves both vegetarians and non-vegetarian food.

Paschim Express is a train with a length of 654 meters and travels at an average speed of 65 kilometers per hour and stops at 32 stations between Kalk and Mumbai. Covers some major locations in India, such as Ambala Cantt. Junction, Panipat Junction, New Delhi, Kota Junction, Vadodara Junction, Mumbai Andheri, and then finally arrives at platform number 14 at Mumbai Bandra Terminus station. This train has 3 different seat classes, i.e. General General, Sleeper Class and AC 3-tier. The general class fee is 243 rupees, the sleeping class is 465 rupees, and level 3 AC is 1252 rupees. Pillows, blankets and sheets are provided to passengers traveling on level 3, but passengers in the sleeping class should wear their own sheets and pillows. Level 3 AC also offers features such as charging a mobile phone and charging a laptop, which are not available at all and for sleepers.

Tickets for this train can be made online on the Indian Railway website 3 months in advance.

TVI Express – the best offer for getting rich quick?

In today's world of job loss and high unemployment, literally millions of people search the Internet every day trying to find a way to make money. From home-working companies to MLM companies, franchises, direct selling opportunities and, inevitably, quick enrichment. One of the problems we face is how do we sort thousands of options and how do we distinguish right from wrong? The good news about the internet is that it allows us to instantly test with a single mouse click. The bad news is that anyone can put everything good and bad on the internet with a single mouse click.

So let me set the stage. In our Google search engine we find a link with the information: "Invest only 250 USD at a time and collect income of 10,000 USD from month to month." Do we click this link? I am not sure if there was any research on the percentage of people who clicked on such links, but my educated guess would bring them closer to 100%! The question I would ask is: why are we looking at? We all understand that there is no such thing as something for nothing, right? Or maybe society has been brainwashed thanks to stories of lottery winners and instant millionaires on TV programs that may, perhaps, be a chance for getting rich quickly.

Is there such a thing as "a legitimate opportunity to get rich quickly"? After the old money pyramids were banned a few years ago, some of them were enriched with "product offers" that tried to legalize them again. Regulators have moved in and specified in more detail what they think was justified or not. The general rule that has arisen is that at least 50% of any MLM's revenue must come from actual product sales. But every now and then a company appears that seems to question the authorities. One of these companies is TVI Express.

TVI Express (Travel Ventures International) operates in the tourism industry. It is a service industry, which is the largest industry segment in the world, is truly global and has sales worth 7 trillion dollars. It is an industry that has been revolutionized via the Internet, and over 80% of all sales are done online. Anyone recently seen a travel agency? Several companies have entered this space with the MLM concept, but none of them resembles TVI Express.

The TVI Express business model is based solely on building a large organization and rewarding its independent representatives. The registration fee is around USD 275, and the model only requires "recruiting two who recruit two". To this end, a compensation plan is reported to recover the original investment "in a few weeks" and then start regularly paying out $ 10,000 "after 30-90 days" as you go through the system and people join under you. I believe that there is enough solid evidence on the Internet that proves that these claims are true and that some people have received these payments.

The remuneration plan does not mention commissions for the sale of products, which for many people is a red flag, taking into account the previously mentioned history with the authorities (in the USA). But TVI Express is not an American company and apparently has its headquarters in Great Britain. This seems to raise doubts because no one is available by phone number published on their website. They process all their transactions through an international exchange account and have banking services on the island of Cyprus in Greece. No credit cards. It is also not quite clear who owns TVI and the name of their management team is nowhere to be found.

Having said that, TVI Express seems to have a very sophisticated opportunity to get rich quickly. He is still in his infancy, he first began in India and China in early 2009, and arrived in the United States just a few months ago. Since it will not be easy for any authority to deal with the issue of TVI legality, we can expect that they will have enough time to continue operating. Web presentations are professional and travel history is sexy. They also seem to have amazing bonus opportunities for those who build large organizations. How about winning a luxury car? Then you can advance to win beautiful villas in your dream locations, and add a luxury yacht or private jet!

Are these fantasies or reality? After studying the compensation plan and if the owners are not greedy, TVI Express will be able to afford such rewards. Their global presence will also drive their expansion when they start publishing some of their successes and people chase their dreams. Is this something you should get involved with? It's up to you to decide, but if you can afford the risk of $ 275 for a chance to live like a millionaire, why not? After all, most people spend more on lottery and coffee at Starbucks every year!

TVI Express Review – The most important TVI Express review you have ever read

Let's get to the facts first. TVI Express is a Multi Level Marketing company operating on the market, which offers membership in tourist clubs where people can save on almost all aspects of travel. They also offer a free 6 and 7 night package for anyone joining the club. Before we get into more detailed information about the company, I want to explain that I am not a representative. and I'm not associated with them anymore. In 2009 I was a TVI representative and I offer a unique look at the interior of the company. I have been involved in full-time network marketing for over 4 years and I have been successful in many companies, so I understand what it takes and how a real entrepreneur must approach network marketing.

The compensation plan with TVI Express is based on the so-called cyclic matrix filled with 2×3 force. There are many nuances associated with this type of compensation plan, which I do not want to discuss in detail now, but the basics are: Someone joins for $ 250. They fill out 2 matrices and earn $ 10,000. All you have to do to qualify is to recruit 2 people and you will be able to do it many times. On the surface it seems quite easy, and for a beginner it looks easy. I have no problem with this type of compensation plan, but the way it is sometimes presented by TVI representatives is not entirely accurate. They will definitely tell you that you only need 2 reps and you're ready. In fact, this type of compensation plan can be VERY lucrative for people who can recruit HUGE reps themselves, but you will need more than 2 personal recruits.

TVI Express had legal problems in both China and Australia. Many of the best representatives in China have been arrested for fraud and the company can no longer operate in Australia. As a US citizen who does not create any legal recruitment problems, BUT it will cause people to pay attention to this. The internet has made information easily accessible, and potential recruits and clients can easily find information on Australian and Chinese legal issues that may deter them from doing business with you as a TVI representative.

The key to the company's development and significant income in TVI Express is the approach to it as an entrepreneur, not just a sales representative. I can't stress it enough. MLM companies come and go, but your company, YOU Inc., doesn't change. No matter what network marketing or MLM company you decide to join to succeed, you need to build your value as a leader in your company and industry, learning the advertising and marketing skills that you can pass on to your team. This is the number one skill that every network marketing distributor MUST learn to be able to consistently register new distributors and build a large organization in this field with TVI Express or another company.

TVI Express – a legitimate, successful and lucrative opportunity for network marketing?

TVI Express, a company that started operations earlier this year, 2009, has created a lot of buzz online and in the home industry. Let's take a closer look at the facts related to this business and travel membership so that you can make an informed decision if this company is for you.

Many times you will not find relevant or good information on the Internet when researching a new company, which is why I want to present facts that will help you in the research process and making decisions about joining TVI Express.

TVI Express (TVI stands for Travel Ventures International) is an international company that is in the pre-release phase in the United States. It is a company that was founded in the United Kingdom, in London. He now has offices in Heathrow and Cypress.

Let's take a look at this business opportunity and the TVI Express travel membership product.

What exactly do you get for purchasing a TVI membership?

TVI membership costs a one-time investment of USD 250 (plus exchange rate differences and handling fees usually around USD 25).

When you purchase a travel membership or TVI position, you receive a lifetime travel membership that you can access in the back room. This membership allows you to book discounted travel such as hotels, resorts, cruises, airline tickets, car rentals and attractions.

TVI guarantees that their rates will be the lowest and will match any lower rate with an additional 10% discount.

2. TVI provides its new members with a bonus travel coupon, with which you can book a 6-night stay at any hotel or resort in their network. The certificate for this coupon can also be found and redeemed in the back room.

3. As a member of TVI, you also get affiliate status and can promote and resell membership. TVI compensates for membership on a revolving matrix plan that pays USD 10,000 in cash and USD 5,000 in travel vouchers that can be used for travel.

TVI achieved an unexpected, rapid growth in the first months of its baby:

1. Three million dollars of live sales in the first month.

2. 320,000 new distributors by October 2009, and the target is only 20,000.

3.5 members who have earned over a million dollars.

4. Rate of over 40,000 new members added every month.

With such unexpected growth, you can imagine and almost expect growing pain for a brand new company. TVI experienced a solid month of intermittent site downtime in October.

Customer service was accompanied by an increasing number of transfers and bonus vouchers for processing. These problems caused many members to worry about the company's survival.

TVI has dedicated its time and effort to resolving many of these problems by:

1. Employment of 1,000 new customer service representatives to support growth.

2. Update server technology to support increased page load.

3. I stopped receiving intensive, direct, direct transfers to process coupon purchases by TVI leaders around the world. Forced members to purchase coupons using Liberty Reserve or SolidTrustPay accounts.

4. Automated process of redeeming travel vouchers.

5. TVI has entered into a new partnership agreement with WTB (World Travel Bureau) to withdraw from the travel booking system.

Some other facts about TVI Express include:

1. Partnership with RCI – one of the largest timesharing companies in the world.

2. Partnerships with other international travel companies such as Hilton, Virgin Airlines

3. TVI Express is verified by the Trust Guard and is supported by World Choice Travel.

4. Entry in the Google company directory for TVI Express

American Express Travel says Mammoth, California is great fun both in summer and winter

American Express Vacations confirms that Mammoth, California is one of the most popular holiday destinations for adventure travelers. This year-round resort offers travelers a wide range of activities and entertainment. Mammoth is also surprisingly luxurious – it offers several spas, fine cuisine and exclusive accommodation. Mammoth is a great choice for vacationers who want to experience the harsh beauty of California's Sierras and relax in elegant resorts.

Mammoth winter

According to Wintertime, this is one of the most popular seasons for travelers American Express Travel . In fact, Mammoth has become a winter resort. The name Mammoth actually refers to a large ski slope that was so large that it was called "Mammoth Slope". Thus, the area retained the name. Near the city is called Mammoth Lakes. The city is little more than a village, and the population is permanently around 500 people. However, the winter population is often ten times larger. Mammoth Lakes has more apartments than shops or restaurants. These apartments can be rented for a week and at different prices. The average price of a week's flat in the winter is around USD 2,000. Mammoth also offers several luxury resorts, including the Mammoth Inn, which is literally just across the street from the most popular ski slope. For more conservative travelers there are many inexpensive inns and motels.

Mammoth Summer

Despite thriving winter skiing, Mammoth is also quite popular during the summer. There are many American Express travel deals in early summer before the crowds arrive. The beginning of June is the best because of the weather and availability. Again, there are many options for accommodation in the summer, with more availability in apartments. Prices are also slightly lower.

Tourist attractions in the summer season are different from the winter season. Although there is no snow for the ski masses, adventure enthusiasts still come to this place. From Mammoth Inn, travelers can buy bus tickets that will be taken to Devil & Post 39 Pile National Monument for USD 7.00 per person. This provides access to many scenic spots, including a geological wonder, Devil's Post Pile, magnificent Rainbow Falls and peaceful Reds Meadow. The bus stops at ten different locations, and the traveler must go from the place where the parked bus to see the sights. The approach to the stack of devil posts is quite gentle and most people say it is not so difficult. The hike to the top of the monument is quite troublesome and is not recommended for the elderly or children with asthma. The hike to Rainbow Falls is also very troublesome, as is the continuation to Lower Falls. Remember to bring at least two 12-ounce bottles with you if you plan to do more than a devil stack. Reds Meadow is breathtaking, but it is a longer and tiring journey, but the view is worth it.

With so much to see and do, it's no wonder an active traveler is attracted to Mammoth Mountain. American Express Travel offers a number of packages that include guided tours and tours, combined with some of the best accommodations in Mammoth Lakes. Find out why active travelers love Mammoth!